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The Japanese Language School Network was established in May 1997 by volunteer Japanese language education institutions with the aim of improving the learning environment for international students enrolled in Japanese language education institutions. A country that is attractive to foreign learners who want to study in Japan in order to create a learning environment where international students who enroll in a Japanese language education institution and study Japanese sincerely can lead a meaningful study abroad life in Japan. We are sending opinions and petitioning to related organizations and related parties so that it will be.
Although it has been active as a voluntary organization since its establishment, it has been registered and active as a general incorporated association since 2014.




Representative Director

​Kazuo Ohinata


Deputy Representative Director

Ichiro Tani

Information disclosure material

Enrollment information

The Japanese Language School Network is looking for members. We look forward to your enrollment.

For enrollment inquiries, please fill out this form and send.

​1. Membership application

Please fill in the required items on the membership application form , seal it, and send the PDF by e-mail.

​2. Approval procedure

The secretariat will send you questions, so please reply after answering. The board of directors will carry out the approval procedure.

3. Enrollment procedure

After approval, please pay the admission fee and annual membership fee. We will also guide you through the procedures for site members.

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