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Nihongo Gakko Network

To improve the environment for foreign language students studying Japanese

The Japanese Language School Network was established in May 1997 by volunteer Japanese language education institutions with the aim of improving the learning environment for international students enrolled in Japanese language education institutions. A country that is attractive to foreign learners who want to study in Japan in order to create a learning environment where international students who enroll in a Japanese language education institution and study Japanese sincerely can lead a meaningful study abroad life in Japan. We are sending opinions and petitioning to related organizations and related parties so that it will be.


Representative Director Kazuo Ohinata

Deputy Representative Director Ichiro Tani


​For Japanese language schools and related organizations who wish to join

Our Events

Friday, April 8, 2022

Information for briefing sessions

From 11:00 to 12:00


  1. 認定日本語教育機関の申請等について

  2. 最近の入管関係情報について

  3. 学費等に掛かる消費税の免税について

  4. ​その他


​Network Secretariat

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